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Ruby-Cell Intensive 4U Ampoule

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Product Description

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PlantaestemTM 365 Ruby-Cell Intensive 4U Ampoule 

Ampoule to maintain skin’s natural radiance and health

High Gloss Effect

Smoothen and increase the silkiness of rough skin by balancing the oil and moisture levels of the skin with the three key factors of skin radiance; sheen, hydration, and elasticity

Nutrition in One Drop

Highly concentrated ampoule on tired, dull, and dry skin; its highly effective texture tightens and gives elasticity to the skin


Skin, lotion, and essence effects all at once. Brightening, elasticity, moisturizing, hydration, and radiance

Wrinkle improvement & Brightening dual functionality/ Plant Stem Cell Culture 5%/ Completed Skin irritation Test

6ml x 18amp